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Child and Family Services
Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services Inc.

91 23rd St W
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0
P.O. Box 1270



Kanaweyimik Staff

Current Staff

Executive Director Marlene Bugler
Protection Supervisor Elaine Baptiste
Executive Office Manager Jodi Chmelnyk
Receptionist/Administrative Clerk Vivian Dufresne
Administration Assistant Clerk Tracy Constant

ACI File Management Clerk

Cynthia Albert

Foster Home Worker Joni Swiftwolfe

Family Service Workers
(Case Managers)



Intake/Investigation Worker

MSS Visitation/Supervision Program:


MSS Family Finder Recruiter:

MSS Urban Services:
Family Service Worker/Liason
Parent Aides

Bertha Aubichon
Christine Swiftwolf
Joanne Favel
Marlene LaPlante
Cheryl Ogram
Kelsi Chudy
Mathilda Hunter

Leona Mitsuing
Pauline Frank
Glenda Wahobin
Amanda Bear

Marilyn Morrissette

Corinne Wuttunee

Lori R.J. Nicotine
Laura Bird

Parent Aides

Emergency Worker &
Back-up Emergency

Youth Aide

Sharon Paskemin
Deanna Wuttunee
Arlene Tootoosis

Family Service Staff



Family Preservation

Diane Pooyak

Youth Intervention Worker Delores Beaudry

Therapists & Family Violence Counselors

Clerical Assistant

Kelly Migneault
Jennifer Fletcher
Cecile Whitecalf

Legal Counsel Mike Riou





Loralie Raiche, Holm Raiche Oberg, Chartered Accountants


Kanaweyimik Child and Family Services Inc. currently provide statutory and support services to the following four member communities:

    • Moosomin First Nation Pop. 1512


    • Red Pheasant First Nation Pop. 2094


    • Saulteaux First Nation Pop. 1158


    • Sweetgrass First Nation Pop. 1673


    • Mosquito First Nation Pop. 1243




According to Elder Norman Sunchild, the Cree name "Kanaweyimik" has its origin in two meanings or messages that pertain to the care of children:

To the parents - "take care of your children";

To the children - "ask their parents to take care of them".