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Child and Family Services
Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services Inc.

91 23rd St W
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0
P.O. Box 1270



Programs & Services

Child and Family Services Program

Kanaweyimik receives funding from INAC to provide child protection and family support services on reserve. These services include: child abuse investigations and assessments, parent aides, parenting classes, cultural activities, foster homes, youth prevention program, cultural camps and wellness activities. This program is similar to social services but services are culturally appropriate and community based. Emergency services are provided after hours and on weekends/holidays. Emergency worker for Red Pheasant, Moosomin, Sweetgrass and Saulteaux can be contacted by calling 445-3500. Emergency worker for Thunderchild can be contacted by calling 845-7027. Or call RCMP in North Battleford or Turtleford.

Kanaweyimik has also entered into a separate agreement with the Ministry of Social Services for case transfers from the department. These are children in care of the department off-reserve in other urban areas. A formula was agreed to which provides agencies with dollars to cover the costs associated with case transfers. When a case is transferred to Kanaweyimik, we are required to monitor and case manage the transferred files.


Kanaweyimik Child and Family Services Inc. currently provide statutory and support services to the following four member communities:

    • Moosomin First Nation Pop. 1512


    • Saulteaux First Nation Pop. 1158


    • Sweetgrass First Nation Pop. 1673


    • Mosquito First Nation Pop. 1243




According to Elder Norman Sunchild, the Cree name "Kanaweyimik" has its origin in two meanings or messages that pertain to the care of children:

To the parents - "take care of your children";

To the children - "ask their parents to take care of them".